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Hi there,

I'm a wildlife and nature photographer based out of Edinburgh, UK. My interest for photography stems from my deeply rooted fascination with the natural world. Through my education I was lucky enough to study animal behaviour and work with animals at institutions such as Zoo Zagreb (Croatia), University of Vienna (Austria) and University of Cambridge (UK). Through the medium of photography I try to use my understanding and experience to capture nature in its intimacy and transfer a glimpse of that sense of awe to the consciousness of a viewer. I focus mostly on wildlife portraiture and I'm most inspired by patterns and textures in nature, usually trying to capture animals in their own element, up close and personal.


In my work I prioritize quality over quantity and it's not foreign to me to sometimes spend many days or weeks, and sometimes even months, working with a single species, or even an individual, just to acquire that fleeting, intimate, moment that communicates an individual's unique character and has power to evoke emotion.

Having had the opportunity to explore many fascinating corners of our planet and meeting their extraordinary inhabitants, I still enjoy the most photographing underrepresented, often overlooked and seemingly inconspicuous life forms comprising an immense diversity of shapes, forms, colors and patterns, that we often take for granted and don't always notice, such as small reptiles or ubiquitous species we see every day. Ethics play a crucial role in my approach and having animals’ well being as a priority is a given.

I hope that, if anything, my photography can play a small role in sparking that awareness and wonder for the wildlife in order to foster an inherent impulse to cherish it and protect it.

Should you be interested in image licensing, postprocessing tutorials for wildlife and nature photographers, photography workshops, projects, collaborations, or just want to say hi,  feel free to contact me at any time, and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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