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Improve your wildlife photography without breaking the bank: Know your gear

Continuing our series on tips to improve your wildlife photography results, in this chapter we'll talk about importance of being familiar with your photographic gear and how it can affect your final results.

Master your gear no matter the level of equipment that you use, know it inside out, know its good sides (strengths) and its downsides (weaknesses). When the crucial moment that you spent time and energy preparing for, finally arrives you won’t have time to fiddle with your gear, trying to find where’s what. You need to know it extremely well and be confident in operating it so you can react swiftly and change settings on the fly, instantly. Even if you have lower grade entry level equipment the better you know it the better you’ll be able to minimize its limitations and increase your chances of getting the shot that counts. I witnessed people having camera equipment from both sides of the spectrum, pro grade and entry level, fiddling with their cameras in the field and missing the shots because they didn’t have confidence of knowing their camera inside out to operate it and adapt quickly to changing situation, don’t let these same mistakes cost you shots.

People often dismiss their camera, and the possible output that it’s capable of producing, if it is not a professional grade equipment, the fact is, any camera from major brands produced in the last 10 years or so is capable of producing high quality images, the difference being, if it’s an entry level model it might be harder to achieve high level results than using the latest and the greatest technology but it’s absolutely doable.

Conventional wisdom says invest in glass first… It’s up to you. Pro grade lenses have longer recycle cycles and retain their resale value better, while camera bodies are updated more frequently and lose their resale value quicker. High quality glass has more to do with improving your output and general aesthetics than camera body.

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